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About kartenmacherei

We enhance the quality of people’s lives with simple, honest and beautiful experiences.

For us running a business means much more than just selling a product. Our company is and always will be driven by the purpose to change our customers’ lives for the better – with products, technology and whatever may come. But now: Just take a look around and figure out if our mission could become yours as well.

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We are always looking for passionate and growth-minded people to join our teams in Munich, Hamburg and Gilching. Together with you, we want to become better every day. Check out our vacancies! 

Become a better entrepreneur!

Do you want to join our crew of venture builders and entrepreneurs in residence?  Follow the link below to find out more. We do not just talk about entrepreneurship. We live it. Day by day.

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    having a lot of fun.

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How we work

We combine data-drivenness with creativity and tech. We strive for mastery and that's why we only work with the best talents, suppliers and service providers that share our agile approach and growth mindset. Want to learn more about our culture and values? Take a look here!

Our teams

Great success can only be achieved with a great team – a bunch of smart, curious and passionate people who follow the same mission and love to challenge themselves every day. Want to be one of them? Meet your new colleagues here!

Our values

We are passionate about what we do, whether it be delighting our customers with our products and services or working with our partners and colleagues together on continuously improving our status quo.

No matter who we are and where we come from, we treat each other with openness and honesty to build a mutual trust. We self-responsibly deal with a high degree of autonomy, strongly believing in a life beyond just a fulfilling job.

We pay attention to the differentiating details while keeping an eye on simplicity and on what adds the most value. What faces the customer should always be high quality and easy to understand. Behind the scene we make reasonable trade-offs to speed up and minimize complexity.

We maintain the challenge to grow personally and as a team, measuring our results to learn and improve what we offer, and how we work. We have the courage to go for calculated risks and push ourselves to continuously reflect our failures and successes to become a better version of ourselves every day.

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