html / css markup

We are at the forefront, we build the "faces" of our shops and digital services. The mission of our chapter, the Frontend team, is to create an intuitive and pleasant shopping and user experience for our customers – no matter which browser or which device is being used.


writing clean code
refining development principals
virtualizing cloud environment 

We are the interface between our customers and our printing company translating the online configurated cards into printable products. We make sure that our shop is working fast and smoothly using a varying tech-stack, mainly focused on PHP, Docker, Git and AWS. We put a high focus on clean code (SOLID & DDD), always ensuring 100 % test coverage (yes, really).


developer support
bug hunting

We are the last line of defence from bugs. We ensure that our customers have a pleasant and bug-free journey through our shop on any device.

Engineering jobs

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