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For us, the mindset you bring is far more important than the title on your business card. We are looking for likeminded people who share our passion and values. Are you one of them? Find out now!

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We are convinced that the best people to take decisions are the ones most affected by their consequences. That's why you won't find any approval processes, top-down-decisions or fixed rules in our daily team work. Our cross-functional and self organized squads decide themselves what to focus on and how to achieve their goals the best. That requires a lot of self-management and motivation which is honored by a high level of trust and flexibilty. You want to work from home? Just take your laptop and do so. You'd rather like to do your leadership job in part time? Not a big deal either.



The digital world evolves daily – so do we. High performance is as important to us as the passion it comes from. A lean approach and working with agile principles, tools and methods helps us to create the best results for our customers. We strongly believe that there's always room for improvement and that failure is an unevitable milestone on the way to real success. That's why we share our failures openly and learn from each other. We challenge ourselves and our decisions on a daily basis. We strive for growth and we embrace change – because the next level is just the beginning.



We deeply believe that everyone has a purpose she or he wants to follow. Our advice to anyone out there is: We love what we do – and you should, too! We are passionate people from all over the world sharing one common mission: We want to change our customers lives for the better – with high quality products and extraordinary service. Everyone of us contributes with know-how, experience and passion to make us all grow together – as a team and as a company. This is just a great feeling!

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